Ja, vi gick ju fram lite i riksdags- och kommunvalen.  Nu väntar våran bästa arena nästa år, EU-parlamentet!  V i förbereder oss, samtidigt som vi jobbar/leker vidare med idéer här hemma. Bidra gärna –  Är du ny medlem – gå till  medlemssidan här och logga in med lösenordet som du hittar i ditt välkomstmail. Annars kan du få det hos stockholmsregionen@piratpartiet.se  Vill du bli medlem,  klicka “Bli pirat” till höger. Eller vill du “bara” hjälpa till (toppen!). Gå till “Att göra”.

I’m sponsoring with 10000kr, whats your call?


On Torrentfreak today, the article picks up on our funding situation on the Pirate Bay Party in Stockholm. Thats good. It ramps up the stake.

With only 10 days left, the situation is indeed challenging! Well, life is indeed a journey and this party makes life dramatic. I’m enjoying every bit of this fantastic story, coming to life because of the many, many people now devoted to create this party.

* 120 applications has come in so far from artists that wanted to play at the party. Not anyone requesting so much of a dime.
* 57 persons has applied as volunteers, working to help us out.
* Some 20 persons helps us marketing the event, not even included the persons that has ordered material from us.
* 10 persons planning and organizing more or less double full time.

This party is already a success. We are releasing the full content soon.

Its only a pathetic detail left, which I intend to fix now.

I’m setting an example. I’m donating 10.000sek in tickets which I’m giving away to all artists that applied but did not get a stage time at our event. It will be sent out by mail next week, consider it delivered. It will finance about 10% of the requested money we need.

With that, I’m challenging anyone that calls him/her/it self a pirate to top that, help out and chip in. In fact, every one that ever shared a file via The Pirate Bay.

I’m challenging also the copyright maffia with this, haters in comment fields and in discussions that claim: “Pirates will never pay for anything, they just want everything for free.“.

If they are right and I’m wrong – and this party won’t fly – I’ll shut up (even if others wont) and the copyright maffia wins. If  this party does however fly – every person in the world can from then on be reminded of this party in 2013.

For all that matters after that party, The Pirate Bay can go down with pride, leaving the stage for something new.

Alea iacta est

TPB10 site: http://www.tpb10.com
Tickets (Buy tickets to donate): http://crowdculture.se/se/projects/the-pirate-bay-10-years-party/

Now, some words from Festmaskinen!

And Greeetings from Preach

And Kulten Yuek

And the ReadyHearts

…. which is only a fraction of whats coming. Don’t miss out on this!

//Erik Lönroth


Anton skrev

Okej, biljetten betald, dags att skicka runt länken till alla som kan tänkas vara det minsta intresserade. Hoppas verkligen att det drar dhop tillräckligt med pengar.
Bevisa inte stereotypen nu!

Erik Lönroth skrev


Från och med idag så ska jag jobba mer eller mindre dygnet runt för att finansiera det här. Sprid info om festen, berätta att du ska gå och få alla du känner att donera eller ännu bättre, gå på festen.

Vi är faktiskt nära nu. Jag vet att vi redan idag kommer få donationer på över 30.000kr kring den 6:e augusti. Det finns sponsorer som nu börjar vilja se det här ske.

Dra i dina nära och kära. Få alla som är i stan att veta om, att vi håller på att förverkliga en dröm.