Vi gick ju fram lite i riksdags- och kommunvalen.  Nu väntar vår bästa arena nästa år, EU-parlamentet!  Från EU kommer ju beslut i många av våra kärnfrågor, nu jobbar vi t. ex. mot massövervakningsförslaget Chat Control, läs nedan. Bidra gärna –  Är du ny medlem – gå till  medlemssidan här och logga in med lösenordet som du hittar i ditt välkomstmail. Annars kan du få det hos  Vill du bli medlem,  klicka “Bli pirat” till höger. Eller vill du “bara” hjälpa till (toppen!). Gå till “Att göra”.

We will write history on the 10:th of August.


Friends, copylovers and citizens on the 8:th continent!

We have fought so hard, sacrificed so much time, money and effort to make this party come alive. So many people and companies. Artists! Working towards our common goal. To make a party come alive, together. Everyone with different incentives, but still: To create this party and celebrate together!

On the 10:th of august, we are writing Internet history.

As of today, we know we have the financial situation in such a shape that we can throw you all a huge party – for all and everyone who enters!

This will be the day, when we all can deliver the biggest of fingers to the copyright mafia. Forever setting an example that there are different ways of doing things than using copyright laws to pervert on culture and creativity. We don’t need  copyright laws to create and people can still get payed. We have proven that today by giving life to this party!

From now on, the more money we get to into the crowd-funding campaign the better the party will be. We want to set the best possible scenery, light & sound for the artists that play for free and hopefully, pay some people that has worked to create it for us with risk of failure. We want as many as possible to experience this. Truly be a part of creating history.

We are not going to change the financial target of 200.000SEK and we still need much more money. But the party definitely ON!  We will now also invite private sponsors to come and show their presence and support together with us all.

We don’t have any problems with accepting sponsors for this party. After all, we are not working against corporations, and never did. Corporations are in most cases made up of people and the best of them are even willing to show their presence in the company of a file-sharing generation. In fact, we welcome anyone to our party. We showed that by explicitly crowd-funding the VIP-ticket to Henrik Pontén early in the process – to show exactly that. It was not a prank that some of you might have interpreted it. We wanted him there from the start because its the copyright system that needs to be destroyed, not the people acting within it. We might not like what some of them are doing for a living, but what the hell. Its never to late to become a kopimist 😉

This party is a statement. A statement that our ideas are not only dreams. They are possibilities, vital, interesting and this is the story of our life-time.

There is no turning back now. From today, we announce that the 10:th anniversary of the Pirate Bay is OPEN!

Lets party. Invite everyone! Come write history with us!

/Erik Lönroth – Piratpartiet Stockholms Län

P.S. Yes, you can get a ticket at the door too, don’t worry just get there.


peter nilsson skrev

Hej, saknar fysiska event där man kan träffas, diskutera och lyssna. Partimöten tror jag det kallas, skulle gärna engagera mig, men vill gärna känna en stämning där mina åsikter passar in.

Mvh Peter

Erik Lönroth skrev

Kom på

Kan det bli mer fysiskt? 😉

Senare i höst kommer vi ha mera traditionellt partiarbete där du kan få träffa oss. Men vi kommer även finnas på plats på fredag på ett lugnt ställe där du kommer ha möjlighet att prata med folk från oss.

Ses på lördag.